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May 26th, 2014, 1:27 pm

I should update the news more often.

So the comic has been going strong again for a couple months. Should continue to update once a week, though I recently spent two weeks going to two cons back to back so I got a bit behind on making pages. @-@

I had a lot of fun at Cherry City Comic Con and I hope to do more comic conventions in the future.

I've got absolutely nothing planned in terms of conventions until maybe late August, but then I'll have quite a few planned (if things go well) in the fall.

On a fun note, for CCCC I printed out a bunch of simple printings of my other comic on here: Thank You For Finding Me

I was extremely surprised to have a few of them sell during the con, but I still have a few left. When I get better pictures of them I'll put them up for sale. Nothing pricey. I was selling them for a $1.

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